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Company Background

Mesuma Sports Sdn Bhd was incorporated on September 2, 1983 to engage in the regional, national and global sports industry specializing in game equipments, sports merchandizes, customised sports team and active wear. A leading brand- name in the region, MESUMA was formed with the gola of creating a long lastng impact within the sports arena. Combining a wealth of experience with unique ideas, visionary strategies and passion for sports, MESUMA has successfully managed to carve a niche for itsself.

Over the years, MESUMA has expanded and made drastic changes to widen its services to provide more than just sports related products. With the knowledge and experience gained dealing with fabric, import and export processes, MESUMA is now one of the biggest manufacturer/ supplier speciailizing in trophies and awards, corporate gifts, apparel designing and manufacturing, corporate wears, caps, apron and many more.
Other than our expertise in producition and manufacturing, we have a dedicated team of highly skilled designers that can assist our clients conceptualizing ideas and eventually putting it into actual product.

Because of our diversity in services and abiity to adapt to change and demands, we are a formiddable force in the market . Like our abilities and services, our clients ranges from various industries such hotels, corporate and government bodies, travelling agencies, event organisers, educational instituitions, sports society and even individual clients that requires our service.